Razorquads X race frames Fast and Tough

Fly a Razor X

FPV racing geometry refined to its most pure simple form

Ready to take your fpv drone racing to the next level? Razor quad has what you need. No fluff, No proprietary anything, just true X

All frame designs open source download for free!

Get ready to Race!

Highest quality frames and materials

Symmetric frame is easy to tune. Mass is centered on CG for superior agility. We only use the finest 3k matte twil

Built for speed and compatibility

185mm X5 quadcopter racing frame (CF weighing in at only 56g) accepts 220* motors and 5 inch props!

Insane thrust to weight ratio

160mm X4 Frame (CF weighing in at only 35g) accepts 180*-220* motors and 4 inch props!

Extremely low weight and wind resistance

The RazorX4/5's weight and surface area is a fraction of a traditional H frame putting them in a speed class all their own

quadcopter carbon fiber arm and motor
fpv camera
fpv video transmitter
drone wiring
fpv race frame

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