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This HYPERLOW is a new breed of top mounted 5" freestyle frame.

With a fully enclosed and recessed camera, traditional 35mm standoffs are a thing of the past. The HYPERLOW allows for a *10mm* AIO build, or 15mm and 20mm stack builds. Lower standoffs equals lower center of gravity, meaning tighter handling and increased performance when coupled with the Hyperlow's freestyle optimized motor layout. 

The Modular System

Not only do you have full control over your build height and CG, this frames modularity allows it to be fully customizable to suite your flying style and environment. 

Whether you want a 6" mountain cruiser, a tough as nails 4mm bando smasher, or a sub 100g park flier, this single frame has you covered: 

Choose from 3mm or 4mm 5" and 6" arms

A single strap top plate for an XT60 PDB

Double strap plate for added security

Save 10grams with a 2mm bottom plate

And of course, any standoff size!

Key to the modular build is the quick change arm system. With only two bolts to remove, and a single motor to unscrew, an arm can be replaced in just a couple of minutes without disturbing the FC stack. This separation also means less vibration is transferred directly to your gyro for a smoother flight. 

*Hyperlow frames are designed around an HS1177 style camera body (or smaller!).

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