Schnapp Dragon

Schnapp Dragon

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Tale of Ye Olde Schnapp Dragon:

Thousands of years ago The Hammer of Judgement attempted to obliterate a quad frame because of the awesome power it wielded. Though it could not be destroyed, the frame was cast into an eternal slumber. Now an age has come where quadsmiths are crafting frames based on absurd aesthetics instead of harnessing true potential through intelligent engineering and robust testing. Angered by this, the banished frame violently awoke from its slumber and has now returned to once again reap havoc on the race track and strike fear into the receivers of lesser drones!

This is... The Schnapp Dragon! A modular, fast, light-weight build that's field repair friendly and designed with features for every pilot in mind. 

The Dragon sports a true-x swappable arm frame design offered in 4, 5, 6 inch options. It also offers a lightweight foamcore composite material for those adventurous pilots looking to shave up to an extra 12g. The 5 inch version weighs in at 52g in its lightest form and 88g in its strongest. Each arm option also allows for motor sizes from 13xx to 24xx!

Frustrated by broken arms in the past? Not anymore! The Dragon's one-screw removable arms allow for super easy field repairs. Don't let soft mounted flight controllers with anti vibration gummies ruin your day, the stack screws stay in place during arm swaps!

The core of the Dragon's frame was designed closely with the arms to allow a variety of flight controller and PDB mounting options for anything between 16-20mm and 30.5mm board holes. 

The 3D printed components and carbon fiber frame have been crafted together from the ground up to utilize the strongest combined structure with the least amount of material. 

This is the frame you've been waiting for... Do you have what it takes to tame the Dragon?!

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